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The For The Advancement Of Human Reproduction Essay

Many different techniques are available to be used for the advancement of human reproduction. I have identified two of the best available manipulations that can be used and through this presentation I will be giving an overview of both of them. I will also be outlining two techniques that can be used for each manipulation and the advantages and disadvantages of the techniques. There will then be a comparison and contrast of the two manipulations in terms of the health and survival of the individuals who will be a product of these manipulations as well as how evolution of humans will be affected through the manipulations. The two manipulations are: 1. Whole Organism Cloning using Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, (SCNT.) 2. Embryo selection using Pre-implantation Genetic Profiling, (PGP.) SCNT Cloning by definition is the process of producing genetically identical individuals this can occur through many different artificial methods. However naturally it does occur during the formation of twins within humans and other animals as well as through budding and Binary Fission within plants. The manipulation of whole organism cloning I believe would be most beneficial within the advancement of human reproduction is Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer, (SCNT.) SCNT is a lab technique that involves creating an ovum with a donor nucleus. There are 3 main steps that occur in the process of SCNT. Steps: 1. A somatic cell from the organism which is to be cloned is taken from the body. TheShow MoreRelatedThe Use Of Genetics And Reproduction Essay1052 Words   |  5 PagesThe use of genetics and reproduction sciences has been an ongoing debate for years. Some argue that the use of genetics and reproduction sciences are unjust, unethical and inhumane. The other side of the debate argues that the use of such sciences is a â€Å"life saver†, that it will improve medical advancements, health, and society. Genetics and reproduction sciences are used for informing individuals about possible outcomes, abnormalities, and genes of current and future pregnancies. Genetic testingRead MoreReaction Of Walter Benjamin And The Film Shadow Magic 915 Words   |  4 Pagesgeneralize by saying: the technique of reproduction detaches the reproduced object from the domain of tradition. By making many reproductions it substitutes a plurality of copies for a unique existence. And in permitting the reproduction to meet the beholder or listener in his own particular situation, it reactivates the object reproduced.† - Walter Benjamin, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (1936) Benjamin is saying that reproductions reduce the integrity of the art becauseRead MoreCell Research : Stem Cell Therapy1095 Words   |  5 Pagesstem cell research, but I remember when it first stood out to me was when quarterback Peyton Manning went over to Europe to get stem cell therapy done on his neck to prevent him from getting surgery done. Stem cells offer much hope for medical advancement because of their ability to grow into almost any kind of cell. Stem cells are crucial to develop organisms. They are non-specialized cells which have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early lifeRead MoreThe Field Of Reproductive Technology1484 Words   |  6 Pagestechnology. Advancements in this field has expanded family options significantly with the advent of reproductive technologies such as in vetro fertilization, embryo transplant, and varying genetic testing and screening (Finsterbusch, 2008). However, what drives humanity to want to modify humankind? Should there be limits placed on these modifications? And, how far should we really go? According to the President’s Council on Bioethics, the completion of the DNA sequencing phase of the Human Genome ProjectRead MoreObserving the Similarities and Differences between Handmaids Tale and Gattaca1127 Words   |  4 PagesDystopian fiction has dominated human imagination for centuries and themes of futuristic societies oppressed by bureaucratic and technological control have become consistent throughout various novels, films and television shows. The absence and mistreatment of humanity due to factors such as war, famine and poverty criticize current global issues while also foreshadowing the consequences of those issues if left unresolved. Both Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and the movie GattacaRead MoreThe Great Depression Of The Brave New World934 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the Brave New World there were many interesting things that occurred, but would not be acceptable within today s society. As human have become more civilized the evolution of eugenics, economies, and politics recently occurring events could lead one to believe that humans will eventually have a society like the one in Brave New World . The first example is how every country s economy is in some type of national debt. If major economy were to collapses it will cause a rippleRead MoreArtificial Wombs Will Spawn New Freedoms Essay1148 Words   |  5 PagesIn this article Olson and Pellisier discuss how artificial wombs will change human reproduction. The authors believe that over time the concept of an egg, an artificial womb, will be used for human reproduction, rather than incubation of fetus within a woman’s body. This process is called ectogenesis, which is â€Å"the development of artificial wombs that can sustain fetuses to term without the need for womens bodies.† (Smajdor, 2007) This article discusses the concept of an artificial womb, the healthRead MoreTechnology And Science Have Changed The Way Society Views981 Words   |  4 PagesReproductive technology, bio-medical technology, and even simple household appliances have changed how people live, think, and interact. According to Science Daily, scientists are researching another technological advancement to look forward to in the future, human genome editing. Human genome editing is a form of genome therapy. Genome Therapy refers to the removal of faulty genes or adding new genes to cure or prevent disease (Placeholder1). This news article, found on multiple sites like ScienceRead MoreTo survive in the wild, plants must form defenses to protect themselves from herbivory. The main800 Words   |  4 Pagesdefenses or other means. A common defense of animals is poison. This poison either builds in the body of the animal or they can accumulate it through nature. Creatures such as frogs secrete poison through their skin and can kill creatures as great as humans. Snakes too have poison, but they distribute it to their predators and prey through lethal or crippling bites. Also, animals make sounds that deter predators by frightening or displeasing them. Finally, they have physical defenses such as thorns andRead MoreHuman Reproductive Cloning Is Immoral And Unnatural1570 Words   |  7 Pages Amber Cady Human Reproductive Cloning is Immoral and Unnatural Westmoreland County Community College Introduction In some ways, the never-ending scientific possibilities of our time have continued to exceed our expectations. Within the 20th century there has been new medical research on stem cell research, and we have successfully completed organ transplants—more recently face and skin transplants. Without progressions like this from science, many would not be alive today. But when does

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Islam And The Muslim Religious Experience - 1365 Words

All through its history, Islam has been seen as a religious convention which began in (seventh) century Arabia with the prophet Muhammad who lived between 570-632. He got the heavenly divine revelation that is recorded in the Quran. This is still trusted today in the cutting edge Islamic convictions. In any case, it is most imperative to understand that Muslims don t see Islam as another religion. Muslims trust that Allah (which truly signifies The God in Arabic) is the same God who uncovered himself to Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. In this manner, Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all supporters of the same living God—cousins in a typical family with a typical predecessor, Abraham. Muslims trust that the Quran is the last and finish disclosure of God to all individual The focal reality of the Muslim religious experience is Allah. The God of the Quran is one and otherworldly, inventor and sustainer of the universe, and the mind-boggling worry of the adherent. Islam signifies accommodation; a Muslim is one who submits to God, one who is a worker of God. This is not a simple lack of involvement; rather, it is accommodation to the Divine Will, an obligation to acknowledge effectively God s will ever. Accordingly, the Quran shows that God has given the earth to man as a heavenly trust and that it is a man s obligation and mission, as God s operators, to endeavor to understand God s will. The Muslim s celestially ordered business is public and person. The IslamicShow MoreRelatedMuslim World Cosmopolitanism1699 Words   |  7 Pagesearth, can we talk about â€Å"Muslim† world cosmopolitanism? That is just how Allah or His prophet, Muhammad (570-632), from day one, viewed Islam, whether anyone liked it or not, as the religion for entire humanity. Listen to its first revealed injunction â€Å"Read in the name of thy Lord, Who created Man from congealed blood; Proclaim that thy Lord is Most Bountiful, Who taught with Pen; Taught man that which he knew not.† (Quran, 96: 1-5). In this first proclamation of Islam, Allah reveals HimselfRead MoreUnderstanding Islam1309 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Understanding Islam† by Kenneth Jost, pg. 172 – 176 Islam is an ill-perceived religion throughout most of the Western world. Once known as a quiet and peaceful religion, the general perception of people from other religions and most of the world upon Islam is quite distorted. Ever since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, an influx of discrimination and prejudice towards Islam and Muslims has spread throughout the world. In â€Å"Understanding Islam,† by Kenneth Jost, an article aboutRead MoreIslamic Culture Essay1273 Words   |  6 PagesMUSLIM CULTURE Muslim culture generally reflects the traditions and customs of Muslims that they adopt for a perfect and respectable life in the society according to the lessons of Quran. Muslim culture is a giant combination of diverse cultures, That’s because Muslims live in various countries all over the world. Most of the practices are common faiths and guidance for all Muslims no matter what country or even content they reside in.. These basic faiths and belives are based on theRead MoreEssay on Islam The Straight Path989 Words   |  4 Pages Islam The Straight Path   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  An evaluation of the book by John L. Esposito: Islam The Straight Path. In this book , Esposito provides a succinct, up-to-date survey of the Islamic experience, an introduction to the faith, belief, and practice of Islam from its origins to its contemporary resurgence. He traces the emergence and development of this dynamic faith and its impact on world history and politics. He discusses the formation of Islamic belief and practice (law, theology, philosophy,Read MoreIslam : A Monotheistic Religion1505 Words   |  7 Pages Modern Challenges Paper Islam is a monotheistic religion taking into account disclosures got by the prophet Muhammad in the seventh century A.D., which were later recorded in the Quran (or Koran), Islam s consecrated content. Islam has spread quickly during the time and today the religion is, by a few estimations, the biggest on the planet. Devotees of Islam are called Muslims. The Arabic word Islam signifies accommodation, mirroring the confidence s focal precept of submitting to Allah. IslamicRead MoreIslam And The Middle East1057 Words   |  5 Pagesstyles. Muslims eating habits are expected to be in function of their religious beliefs, by Islam regulations as described in the Qur’an and dictated by the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed. Muslims consume all kind of food, except for the ones prohibited in Islam. Food cleanliness is one of their priority, nails, hair, mouth, teeth must be properly washed to prevent food contamination, and they use a â€Å"Mismark† before every meal which is a specific tooth cleaner proper to their culture. Islam teachingRead MoreThe Basic Beliefs Of Islam1660 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the basic beliefs of Islam is that God has sent his revelation through a series of communications to humans in many ways and times. The recipients of these communications are referred to as both prophets (to specific communities) and messengers (with a universal message). Jews and Christians recognize many of the prophets and messengers mentioned in the Qur’an, the sacred scripture of Islam, for their role in Old Testament history. In Islam, Jesus generally is considered to be the greatestRead MoreHow Trade in West Africa Encouraged The Spread of Islam1151 Words   |  5 PagesHOW TRADE IN WEST AFRICA ENCOURAGED THE SPREAD OF ISLAM Islam, a monotheistic and spiritually based religion which refers to the act of giving great reverence to the Supreme Being, â€Å"submission to God† was found in the Saudi Arabian countries by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 C.E.1 The religion which was renowned for its triumph, patent power with an open set of beliefs about the Dos and the DONTs so as to gain access to heaven spread spontaneously as people learned of it through trade.1 It is todayRead MoreReligion1264 Words   |  6 PagesMisconceptions about Islam – A personal perspective Islam may be the most misunderstood religion in the United States. The impression that majority of non-Muslim Americans have is usually obtained through the media which typically represent Islamic countries or groups in the middle of a Holy War. These wars are usually waged by Islamic Fundamentalist who use terrorism and other violent acts to get their messages across giving Islam a negative reputation. Because of the lack of understandingRead MoreIslamic Modernism : A Multiple Modernities Perspective1611 Words   |  7 Pagesmodernity experiences (Eisenstadt 2002; Preyer 2013; Smith and Vaidyanathan 2010). There are many modernities, not only one single patter of modernization. These developments forced sociologists for a paradigm shift in the dominant one-side understanding of western modernity. In this context, Islam and the discourse of western Muslim intellectuals have gradually gained visibility through the continuing migration and the growth of new generations in the western societies. Western Islam also has emerged

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Upper canopy tree cover in cocoa agroforestry system Free Essays

Climate Change is one aspect or explanation of how the livelihood of farmers can be threatened. (Cocklebur, 2012) In Ghana, the climate has changed over the last years of which crops are getting destroyed due to periods of extreme heat and heavy rains. As Mambo and colleagues outline in their paper, climate change mitigation in Africa to date has largely focused on reforestation and forest protection. We will write a custom essay sample on Upper canopy tree cover in cocoa agroforestry system or any similar topic only for you Order Now This has often conflicted with the need to expand agricultural production to feed the continent’s growing population. But this need not be the case, says Mambo, as exaggerators may be able to deliver both on increasing tree cover to store carbon while also enhancing agricultural productivity. Cocoa cultivation maintains a higher proportions of upper canopy crown cover (cocoa exaggerators) which is increasingly being viewed as a sustainable land use practice that is environmentally preferable to other forms of agricultural activities in tropical forest regions because it contributes to biodiversity conservation and income diversification. Properly managed cocoa exaggerators systems play a crucial role in helping farmers adapt and build resilience to uncertain climates. (Langford, 2014). Upper canopy trees can provide a buffer against climatic extremes that impact crop growth. They can enhance understood growth and improve water use efficiency. These trees have also been shown to increase rainfall utilization compared to annual cropping systems. And are known to have a direct impact on local and regional rainfall patterns, so they also have considerable potential to alleviate drought in parts of Africa. Mambo et. Al, 2014). The use of production landscapes in Ghana for cocoa reduction has intensified dramatically over the last three decades. (UNDO, 2014). This research will examine the evolution of the cocoa sector in Ghana primarily to understand the factors that have contributed to the success of the use of upper canopy crown cover and to look for lessons for fostering agricultural transformation. The relatively dens e forest that characterized the initial cultivation of cocoa in Ghana maintained the natural ecosystem suitable for cocoa growth. The District Administrative capital Jabots is located km to the north-west of Seconds Dictator Metropolitan, the regional capital and a distance of km from Kumara, the Shanty regional capital. The District shares borders with Bib and Sauna’s North Municipal in the North, Sauna’s South and Body District to the east, Seaman District to the south and La Cote divorce to the west. 1. . 2 Materials Materials needed for this study will include the following; Measuring tape; for measuring the length of trees, branches and crowns. Densitometers; for measuring of the diameters of trees and branches. Hypocrites for measuring tree height Releasers ; to determine the upper diameter of big trees Calipers, either wooden beam or finish parabolic will be used to measure tree diameters when the diameters are not over CACM. Compass; to check directions of NSA and EWE. Sampling intensity This study will be conducted in 12 cocoa farms in the vicinity of Bib district. These farms will be selected purposely base on the maturity of the cocoa exaggerators system practiced. The spread of that line is horizontal distance between those two positions. On steeply sloping ground (1 5 degrees) the taped distance between the two points can be corrected to a true horizontal by using basic trigonometry. Horizontal distance = coos (inclination) x slope distance. The area of the crown may be estimated employing the assumption that is equivalent to the area off circle defined by an average crown diameter. The linear ape will be used to measure the length of crown margin in the direction of NSA, and EWE. The average may be obtained using arithmetic mean of the maximum and minimum crown diameter. These equations will be used in determining the crown surface area and volume; Crown surface area; L/2 Crown volume; 2 hoc / 12 Where d = diameter at the base of the crown (m), hoc = crown depth (m), and L= length of crown margin (m). DATA ANALYSIS Data acquired from the sampling intensity will be analyzed using analytical software, GENERATE (VS. international version 2011). Species composition and crown diameters f trees will be compared using the analysis of variance and statistical test. How to cite Upper canopy tree cover in cocoa agroforestry system, Papers

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Juvenile Delinquency and Conduct Disorder free essay sample

According to Dryfoos, Juvenile delinquency generally refers to behavior of youth that violate the social norms, like commit socially unacceptable behavior and the criminal acts. According to juvenile delinquency ordinance, juvenile delinquency applies to those whose aged between 7- 20. As juvenile delinquency accounts for significant proportion of crime rate in Hong Kong, therefore, the cause of it should be considered. In this easy, the characteristics of the youth will be outlined to serves as the foundation to analysis the cause of crime. Then, I will briefly illustrate the similarities and differences of the macro-level learning theories and the micro-level learning theories. Afterwards, I will apply the above theories in analyzing the juvenile delinquency in Hong Kong, aiming to explain that the micro-level learning theories are more comprehensive in explaining the cause of crime. The characteristics of the adolescents Adolescent is the transition period from childhood to adulthood. Such onset of puberty forces a child to be more adult like and therefore shows the following characteristics. We will write a custom essay sample on Juvenile Delinquency and Conduct Disorder or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page First, In order to look like a worthwhile individual, teenagers long for independence. Therefore, they usually view authority as sources for intervening their life and thus usually hostile to authorities, like parents, teachers and police. On the contrary, they want to experience the independence by spending time with friends, research shows that adolescent usually spend twice more time with friends , therefore their thought and action are susceptible to be influenced by deviant peers. Further, teenagers are moodiness as a result of rapid changes in the hormone levels. Therefore, juvenile crime usually is a result of sensation-seeking, without obvious goals and target. Therefore, the above factors show that the immaturity both physically and mentally cause them to be more likely to commit crime. Even the characteristics of the adolescent cause crime, the macro-level learning theory and the micro-level learning theory should also be illustrated. We aims to show that with the characteristics of hostility towards authority and the longing for peer acceptance, juvenile delinquency should be better explained by the micro-level learning theories. Macro-level learning theories The macro-level learning theories focus on explaining the structural characteristics that cause juvenile delinquency. The Macro-Level learning theories include both anomie and strain theory. Anomie refers to a states of low level of moral regualation from rapid social changes , while the strain theories means that people do not follow the social norms to achieve their goals. Both theories views that crime exists because specific groups hold value that are conducive to crime or justify crime in some circumstances. Under such situation, the approval of crime serves as the motivation for crime for those groups. However, there are differences held by the anomie and strain theories in explaining the cause of crime. Their differences are that Anomie is better in explaining why some societies have a higher crime rate. Anomie states that crime exists when a society is placed too much emphasized on the cultural goals and relatively less emphasized on the means to achieve the goals. As a result, the traditional institution fail to regulate the goal seeking behavior, so people tend to achieve the cultural goals illegitimately. The society of which is characterized by anomie where people behavior is subject to less regulation. On the contrary, the strain theory is further developed to precisely explain how the lower class people are pressurized to commit crime. In general, they views that the inability to access the cultural goals produce strain on people. In details, Merton proposed that there are five forms of adaption to strain. However, only the illegitimacy adjustment will cause crime. The first type of the illegitimate adjustment is innovation, which describe people to achieve goal through illegitimate means. The second type of adjustment include substituting alternative goals which may leads to crime, the examples includes rebellion and retreatism. Micro-level learning theory The Micro-level analysis attempts to explain how the individual engage in crime. The differential association and social learning theories shares characteristics on this theory. Both theories emphasize that juvenile delinquent is learned, particularly from intimate others. Also, the association that occurred early in life, over long period of time, frequently are more conducive to crime exists. However, social learning theory specified in explaining that the peer groups is a important social context in which the person learned to defined the law as favorable or unfavorable through the interactions with intimate others. During those associations, the criminal learned the technique and definition that are conducive to crime as afterwards individuals will rationalized and changed their attitudes, that encourages the violation of the law. Therefore, a person becomes delinquent because of an excess of definition favorable to violate the law, which is the result of frequent contact with criminal partners. However, the social learning theories are the extension of the Sutherland differential association theory, emphasized equally on the four mechanism by which the criminal behavior is learned through observations. The mechanism includes differential association, definitions, differential reinforcement and imitation. Therefore, Sutherland believes that crime can be learned indirectly by associating with the distant reference group and values. After this differential association, crime is likely when an individual attach the positive and neutral meaning to crime. These definitions made crime morally accepted and justified for the individual. The third mechanism is the differential reinforcement, which means that crime is likely when the individual expects the outcomes for the criminal behavior produce greater amount of tangible and intangible reinforcement than that of the negative outcomes. The fourth is that imitation of the criminal behavior, which is likely when the models have positive outcomes. After examining the characteristics of the teenagers and the sociological theory of crime, we will use the following case to show that the differential association and social learning theory offer a better explanation in the cause of the juvenile delinquency. Drug abuse Differential association and the social learning theories is a better explanation of drug abuse among teenagers. A study carried out by the Hong Kong federation of youth group (HKFYP) shows that teenagers’ first experience with drug is mostly caused by the peer influences. Delinquent friends are the main channel of acquiring drug . The finding is also supported by a local example. An example is from Anna. The reason is that she faces difficulties in adapting to the secondary school life, later she started to take drug as she once went to Disco with her friends, she first feels uncomfortable after taking drug at first, but she became addicted to drug because of friends persuasion. The above cases show that Micro-level learning theories are better than the Macro-level learning theories in explaining drug abuse. The anomic and strain theories will explain the increases in drug abuses are due to the rise in materialism. Such conditions leads the traditional institution, like family fails to effectively socialize individual to relieve their depression in the positive way, meanwhile, teenagers have more monetary resources to relief their depression. Therefore, without sufficient social control, teenagers will try to retreat from the ways and means that society accept and take drug with their friends. However, when considering the characteristics of the teenagers, the differential and social learning theories are more precise in explaining the cause of drug abuse It is known that the media and the parents always promote the message of defending drug abuse. The results are that teenagers felt their freedom are threatened and want to get away from the authority. One solution is that they want to challenge the authority, and meanwhile experienced the freedom through taking drug with friends. Therefore, the differential and social learning theories are better in explaining drug abuse is a learned behavior through associating with the delinquent friends . Such exposure to delinquent friends leads teenagers to attach a positive definition favorable to take drug. For examples, teenagers tend to view drug abuse as a normal part of social life, especially in disco. The delinquent friends will also serves as a role model and people learn the technique of how others take drug through observations. Further, teenagers will become drug addicted as they receive non-social and social reinforcement. The social reinforcement is the continuous support from the delinquent friends. Also, the non-social reinforcement comes from teenagers getting physically high after repeatedly taking drug. Those reinforcements increase the tendency of drug taking and thus cause drug abuses. Therefore, the social learning and differential association theories can explain that apart from recognition of friends the differential perception of reward would cause shoplifting. In this case, the teenagers regard recognition by peer is reinforcement while paying effort to Shoplifting Differential association and social learning theory is a better explanation of the cause of crime. Here we will illustrate it with two local examples . One is that a boy come from middle class steal a cup noodle with his friends, which priced at $9 in a convenience store. Another case is that two teenagers steal a latest mobile phone, they are familiar with the way of stealing and successful stole the mobile phone within five minutes. Anomic and strain theories can explain the shoplifting in terms of the rise of materialism. That means parents,schools are likely to focus on the material success, so the traditional value of gaining money in proper way is devalued by the parents. Thus, the tradition institution fails to socialize the juvenile. Therefore, the juvenile will tend to use less effort to gain the material success, thus the shoplifting is easier to occur. Therefore, the shoplifting is characterized by innovation, which means juvenile turn to use fewer efforts but can still achieve the material that they want. The above cases show that the things stolen are not very expensive, therefore, shoplifting is not stemmed from severe strain, and rather it reflects the want for peer recognition. Teenagers want to be independence and peer acceptance is one way that they can feel confident about themselves apart from their family. As peer acceptance is so important that teenagers will conform to the life of their delinquent friends. When considering the above characteristics of teenagers, the differential association and social learning theories can better explain the cause of shoplifting. The Macro-level learning theories can explain the shoplifting as associated with the intimate friends, such exposure to the delinquent friend leads the teenagers conform to the norms of the delinquent groups through attaching a positive meaning to the shoplifting. As the cases I mentioned, the shoplifting happened with other delinquent friends. Through observing the process and consequences of stealing by peers, the teenagers will learn the stealing technique. The intimation of skills of teenagers is usually resulted in recognition by the friends as reinforcing the shoplifting. Therefore, shoplifting is a learned skill that was rewarding to the individual. Generally, the macro-level learning theories can address the characteristics of the teenagers and further explain associate with delinquent friends will cause of shoplifting. Vandalism is better explained by the differential association and the social learning theory. Here we will illustrate with one local example. During the mid-autumn festival, the youth gang did a bus terminus arson. one of the boy claiming himself as the doer in the facebook and later arrested. The anomie and strain theory explain it in terms of the rise of individualism. Individualism promotes the exercise of one goal and interests. That means the juvenile focus on their own exercise, meanwhile, the traditional value like civil minded is less emphasized. Therefore, the juvenile tends to commit vandalism without guilt as they believe that others will be responsible for cleaning the mass made by them. Vandalism is characterized by the innovation, which means the juvenile still keep their goal but is using a news means to release themselves. The differential association and the social learning theory offers a better explanation in the cause of crime. The reason is that they can explained that the vandalism is usually done with delinquent friends, than the juvenile usually attached a favorable definition to vandal. The vandal can serves as a role model, teenagers can learn the process ofo destructing public property and the rewarding consequences of vandal behavior. In conclusion, the anomie and strain theories of crime offer better explanation of juvenile delinquency than the differential association and social learning theories is invalid as most of the cases can be explained more comprehensively by the differential and social learning theories, so the validity of this statement depends on cases. , while the Micro-Level learning theories explain the individual differences in committing crime.

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Free Essays on Grasslands

The World of Grasslands looks at the three different contiguous prairies. It covers the tall grass, mixed grass, and the short grass prairies. This chapter also looks at the great decline of grasslands in much of their range. One of the main threats to grasslands looked at in this chapter is the exotic plants that have been introduced by cattle imported here from around the globe. Even though these exotic plants have caused a lot of damage, many of these efforts are reversible. At the start of this chapter the author explains his first experience in a prairies area. As he entered the big open prairie he said he had no idea what to expect. While he started walking in the knee-deep grass he looked out and saw that the prairie extended far beyond what he could see, beyond the curve of the earth. The Nebraska Sand Hills where he was walking, was covered with big and little bluestem, drop seed, and prairie sand reed. When the wind blew he said the prairie rolled like a stormy sea. The world of grasslands is the first topic looked at in this chapter. When trying to understand the true American grassland one must first think way beyond a common suburban lawn. In an undisturbed grassland in the Midwest there can be a hundred different types of grasses every foot. When looking at grasslands throughout the entire country there are over 7500 plant species. Like the forests and their species, each of these plants serves a special purpose in maintaining a healthy grassland. One of the ways that grasslands are maintained and survive is through diversity. Diversity in grasslands comes when you have various wildflowers bloom at different times. In a study conducted in Minnesota, during a drought, seven-eights of that particular biomass dies if it does not have species diversity. When you look back a the time when the prairies had buffalo running wild, the prairies was a system that grew, and continued to grow. Today we see pr... Free Essays on Grasslands Free Essays on Grasslands The World of Grasslands looks at the three different contiguous prairies. It covers the tall grass, mixed grass, and the short grass prairies. This chapter also looks at the great decline of grasslands in much of their range. One of the main threats to grasslands looked at in this chapter is the exotic plants that have been introduced by cattle imported here from around the globe. Even though these exotic plants have caused a lot of damage, many of these efforts are reversible. At the start of this chapter the author explains his first experience in a prairies area. As he entered the big open prairie he said he had no idea what to expect. While he started walking in the knee-deep grass he looked out and saw that the prairie extended far beyond what he could see, beyond the curve of the earth. The Nebraska Sand Hills where he was walking, was covered with big and little bluestem, drop seed, and prairie sand reed. When the wind blew he said the prairie rolled like a stormy sea. The world of grasslands is the first topic looked at in this chapter. When trying to understand the true American grassland one must first think way beyond a common suburban lawn. In an undisturbed grassland in the Midwest there can be a hundred different types of grasses every foot. When looking at grasslands throughout the entire country there are over 7500 plant species. Like the forests and their species, each of these plants serves a special purpose in maintaining a healthy grassland. One of the ways that grasslands are maintained and survive is through diversity. Diversity in grasslands comes when you have various wildflowers bloom at different times. In a study conducted in Minnesota, during a drought, seven-eights of that particular biomass dies if it does not have species diversity. When you look back a the time when the prairies had buffalo running wild, the prairies was a system that grew, and continued to grow. Today we see pr...

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How to use social media in your next job search

How to use social media in your next job search The future is now! Social media is the best! Or at least it’s fast, which can sometimes feel like the same thing. And social media really is great- we’re more connected to each other, and opportunities, than ever before. But if you want to take social media and harness its power for your job search, there are definitely smart, targeted ways to go about it. Build your network.A network has always been a key to a successful career- and what is social media, if not built-in networks? Adding people to your circles on LinkedIn or following them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/whatever comes next is great, but you have to do something with that connection. Use the social networks to engage people you admire, and post thoughtful comments on their posts. If you want to rekindle a relationship with an old boss or colleague who could provide an introduction or recommendation, send periodic â€Å"Hey, was thinking of you, just wanted to see how you’re doing with that project these days† notes.Clean house.Before you use social media to hunt for connections or job openings, make sure your profiles are professional. That means creating accounts in your name (rather than your high school handle), and cleansing your profiles of shady photos or public rants about your pet political issue. Or you can keep all of those things, but make them private and create new accounts that reflect Professional You.Think about your content strategy.If you’re using your social media presence to position yourself as a widget-analysis guru, make sure the content you post reflects that. Take time each week to post links to interesting articles, or ask your followers to weigh in on a particular topic. Some sites, like LinkedIn, let you post your own essays and articles, and share them out. That’s one way to get on the radar of people who might not otherwise see you in their feeds.Keep it current.Once you’ve set up your social media presence, donâ€℠¢t stop updating. If you’re linking to your social media accounts in your resume or if you’re leaving them public for people to find when they search for you, then you want to keep things up to date.See it as a living resume.Once you submit a resume, it’s pretty locked-in. If you keep a robust, updated social media presence, that can let you add details in real time. For example, let’s say you sent Company Z your resume a month ago, but their hiring moves pretty slowly. And in the interim, you’ve finished taking a class on HTML. Make sure you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile or your portfolio on your personal website. That way, when Company Z finally starts checking into your deal, they can see that you’re actively building and improving. It’s also a handy tool for your own reference. When you go to send an updated resume, having information stored somewhere central can help remind you of the points you want to include.Social m edia isn’t the only job search tool you have at your disposal, but it can be a powerful one if you use it in a targeted, mindful way. Good luck!

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Medical Marijuana Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Medical Marijuana - Essay Example According to the essay the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has approved the use of chemicals extracted from marijuana known as cannabinoids. The endorsement was made after scientific studies conducted on chemical components of the drug. Further, pharmaceutical drugs have been developed using marijuana chemicals for therapeutic purposes at the same time removing chemicals that have been causing side effects and highness.This study declares that medical marijuana laws MML have was passed in states like Maryland to remove penalties imposed on users of marijuana whenever they are got in possession of or using marijuana. According to medical marijuana laws, doctors are expected to provide approval to patients regarding the use of marijuana for medical benefits. The approval given to patients will render them immune to any prosecution by states when they are got in possession or using marijuana.  Marijuana use has been associated with increased motor vehicle accid ents and increasing burden on healthcare. Longer use of the drug has contributed to brain damage, cognitive impairment and respiratory damage when smoked. Other heath related risks associated with the use of marijuana includes bronchitis, lung cancer, heart attack and wheezing.  Use of marijuana for a long time is likely to cause severe implications stated above. Those against the use of marijuana for medical purpose explain that marijuana has two chemical components  that are harmful to human.